Oil Tank Removal at a Television Studio.

We were recently contracted to carry out an oil tank removal in order to dispose of two 28,000 gallon gas oil tanks used to feed both boilers and back up generators. The tanks were situated within a building at a television studios, which required the oil tank removal to be carried out with minimal disruption.

Due to the sensitive position of the tanks and the level of impact that noise would have on filming, it was decided that the work be carried out overnight.

In order to perform a safe oil tank removal, the first job is to empty and clean the tanks. In this particular case, there was approximately 10,000 litres of residual oil to remove prior to carrying out the oil tank cleaning. The oil that was removed from the tanks was sampled and found to be in a suitable condition for re-use, therefore the client was offered a credit for that oil. Once the tanks had been cleaned, a gas free certificate was issued following a successful atmospheric monitoring test.

By creating a large access point in the outer wall of the building, we were able to hot cut the tanks into large sections and extract them using our lorry mounted crane. A metal skip was positioned near the extraction point to allow all metal waste to be tidily stacked ready for removal and recycling. Due to the large scale of the oil tanks and the weight generated, the client was also given a credit for the scrap metal. By carefully planning the work, we were able to complete the task in little over a week, with no impact on filming what so ever.

large oil tank removal

The top of a 20,000 gallon heating oil tank.

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