underground fuel tank removal

A twin fuel compartment underground fuel tank being removed

Tank Removal for Fuel and Oil Storage Tanks

Tank removal is very much at the heart of our operation. We can offer tank removal services to both commercial and domestic customers across the country.

As with any of our services, a tank removal quote will be tailored to your requirements, as no two jobs are the same.

We can safely and efficiently remove large scale fuel and oil tanks from basements, excavate underground tanks, lift and transport above ground tanks, through to small workshop and domestic tanks.

Obtaining a Quotation.

In order for us to provide a quotation, we simply need to gather a few pieces of information to allow us to assess your tank removal needs.

  • The number of, and working capacities of the tank / tanks to be removed.
  • If the tanks are to be removed whole, the physical dimensions of the tank/s to allow us to allocate the transport required.
  • The current or last grade of fuel or oil held in the tank.
  • Whether the tanks are above or below ground and what access we have to the tanks.
  • If the tank or tanks are no longer in use, the level of fuel / oil in them for disposal.
  • Where in the UK the tanks are located.
  • If possible some pictures of the tanks and subsequent access e.g. beneath manhole covers or access for large vehicles.

With that information, we can gain an immediate picture of your requirements, and often get a quotation back to you very quickly. The quotation will set out the work required to remove your tank, along with details of any documentation that we’ll issued to you, authorities that will be notified by us and caveats that may be required.

The Tank Removal Process.

With a safe system of work in place and the correct equipment, we can carry out your tank removal safely and efficiently, often with minimal disruption to businesses or households and always with a great end result.

Every tank removal job is be different, that is why we’ll produce a tailored proposal and safe system of work to suit your needs.

All of our work is carried out by our own in-house team, we never subcontract our work and one of our team will be there to answer your questions both before, during and after the tank removal process.

If you would like to discuss your tank removal requirements with one of our experienced engineers, please feel free to call us on 01132635163, email enquiries@jwhtanks.co.uk or fill out our enquiry form here.